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Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Today started out with a bang!! And I am not talking about firecrackers, although I was frustrated enough to set a few off! Woke up at 4:15 am listening to Buddy rummage around his nightstand...with a flashlight. "what are you doing, buddy?"...he was trying to find his keys to open the gym. So, nice wife I am...I get up to help him. Well that hunt took me on a cold and awkward ride! No keys...he rides to the gym to inform his early risers that the gym will not be open until mid-morning. Then I get a call from him, asking me to check my car to see if he left them there. I headed out the door and realized how cold it I mosey back in to get a coat and decided to put on shoes as well....but still in my pj's. I grab my car key and head out to my car, shutting the door behind me. Yep, you guessed it! I locked myself out of the house! Not one door was unlocked! My cell phone begins to ring....and it's sitting on the baker's rack inside the kitchen. Alot of help that does me!!! So, I am waiting to see if Buddy comes back home. In the meantime, I fetch a hammer and a metal mallet....I'm gonna bust the window out in my kitchen door. I thought again, and decided I would go to the gym to find Buddy. Well..guess what?? He wasn't there! Here I am, in my pj's wondering what in the heck am I going to do. We could be riding back and forth never crossing each other....Ahhh, Daylight Donuts is across the street! CLOSED and no money to buy me a donut!! Walmart to the I go and enter the building looking for someone to ask if I could use the phone! They probably thought I was a vagabond!! Thankfully I had my flannel, plaid pj's on and real shoes! Get Bud on the phone..tell him where I'm at....head back to the house. Well....guess what??? He doesn't have a key to the house!! He pulls out his credit card and we go. We spent the next hour pulling every key out of drawers, nooks, crannies to see which one fits. Now, you would think we would have one key for all the doors..but somehow, that important fact was overlooked. By the time we tried the 20th key..BINGO...we found one. And eventually found one for each are of the house. But, we ended up with a container full of about 30 keys that we don't have a clue what they go to!

Moral of this story: get yer life in order, sister!!!! Clean out those closets, declutter the garage, get rid of all this stuff and make your life Simple! Interesting...that is our theme at Cornerstone this year: Simple Church....and our sermon series is: how do we use our time. My time will be used more effectively this year. I am going to be intentional in what I do. I'll keep you posted!

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Nautical Knitter said...

Oh my gosh!!! I felt so sorry for you while I was reading this. I will never look at anyone in Wal-mart who is dressed in their pjs the same again!! LOL

Glad you were at least safe, dry and warm in the end.