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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long day....tired...yet I am reminded of God's goodness. How He keeps his hand on each of us...He gives us nuggets of love - like a phone call or message from a friend who truly cares and loves me...just as I am:), encouraging me to "just think about it"...and that "think about it" a good thing... to think about:) And just like another friend said, our book is already written. He sees me, he knows my next step. I find myself thanking Him for providing employment for our oldest son, Josh. That each "quiet" moment Josh has been resting in, has been a time of reflection and trusting. Thanking God for opening doors in our youngest son, Jake's him the opportunity to use his gifts and "do" what he loves to do: music....having a conversation with Jake that is all about God's hand doing His thing and trusting Him in that. And looking on the table across the room and seeing the beautiful, red roses Buddy picked off our tree outside, put in a vase, gave to me..just because. These roses brighten the room in many ways..they are a reflection of a man who gives selflessly...finds quiet ways to encourage and love me; the color red is a happy color and truly helps me rest in the end of a busy day. Thank you Father for loving me even more than all of these.

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Andi said...

Love you Queenie!