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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Doing Life Together

Doing life together means you look at the clock and it's 2 wonder where did the time go and do you have to go home now?
Doing life together means you have a crisis that involves a "sad cake" and your friend says they are the best cakes ever.
Doing life together is when you have a real crisis and your friend is there for you with a hug, a "I'm in this for the long haul", speaks the truth in love because they know it's best for you, love you no matter how ugly you get in that crisis, and know that words just don't work...but a look of compassion and prayer does.
Doing life together means giving all you got for the benefit of the other and it sometimes means sacrifice that you do with a smile because you love them like a sister or brother.
Doing life together means you are all about being the hands and feet of Christ.
And last but certainly not least.....doing life together is bringing your friend chocolate even when they don't need it but just because.

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