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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Twenty-Five Twice....not bad

July 22, 1958....a glorious day to be sure! A little history about that day.......surprise baby! A surprise baby that my mom was not happy about - she screamed, she cried and.......nine months I come and a even better surprise, I was born on their anniversary! Dr. Cohen held me up and said, "Tookie, here is your gift." I never really quite undestood the power of that statement until she passed away in October 2004.......I was going through her personal papers when I found the document of her wedding date. She had such a difficult time with the loss of my father, which happened to come three days before my birthday and their anniversary.....that she never mentioned this fact with me. So this day has taken on a different meaning to me.....God gave the gift of marriage to a special couple and gave me life all on the same day.....His miracles never cease to amaze me!
Time to go worship the Lord with the body of Christ at Cornerstone ~ Peace!