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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Broken People

We are all broken people, how we wear it looks different on each person. Jesus Christ came into the world as an innocent babe, lived his life for the glory of the Father and left this world broken in body. But God by his grace and mercy raised Jesus from the grave, perfect with the beauty of his nail-scarred hands as a reminder of his sacrifice for us. What will we do with this? How will we live out lives as a remembrance of his gift to us? Today, as I was praying - my heart cried out at my lack of acceptance of the brokeness of others, realizing that I am broken too. We are connected to each other and we share the broken body of Christ as brothers and sisters. Love each other with sincerity, do not hold grudges against one another unless we plan on holding one against ourselves. God sees us as beautiful concert of wholeness and glory. We belong to him through the blood of Jesus Christ.
~ Praise be to our Father and Lord ~

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